I’m Richard Kershaw

I’ve built, bought & sold a number of internet businesses over the last 15 years, mostly publishing business monetized with affiliate marketing and built on premium domain names.

Current Projects

We’re launching HotDog.com in January 2021.

The Quality Nonsense Portfolio

We built a portfolio of popular websites for people who make websites. Today, the best-known is Digital.com.

Other sites included WhoIsHostingThis.com, HTML.com, Blogging.com, PrivacyPolicies.com, WebsiteBuilders.com & Placeholder.com.


I co-founded experience days business Wish.co.uk with Stephen Pavlovich of Conversion.com in 2011.

We were best known for zombie experience days – like Zombie Shopping Mall.  Wish received press coverage in 50+ countries and six continents from, CNN, BBC, Fox News, Daily Mail and many more.

Other Investments

I invest in startups, established businesses & private equity deals, usually where my expertise (eg, affiliate marketing, remote teams) can add value beyond dollars. You can get get in touch here.