I buy valuable premium domain names. If you’re selling something of a similar calibre to my previous projects (like Digital.com), you can contact me here.

Before We Continue…

I have strict set of criteria for what I buy:

  • Premium domains
  • .COM domains (+ .CO.UK, .NET or .ORG if it’s 2-3 letters)
  • One word domain names almost exclusively
    • Dictionary words/terms
    • Two/three letter domains
  • English or major language (like Spanish, Portuguese, French etc)
  • High-traffic generic domains

I don’t buy portfolios, unicode domains, web3 domains or anything else.

Previous Domain Name Acqusitions

I’ve completed hundreds of domain transactions. Here are some of the previous domain names I’ve bought & developed:-

  • Digital.com
  • HTML.com
  • Blogging.com

If you’re not 100% certain your domain is of the same calibre, I am almost certainly not the right buyer.